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      I need MCAS Score report

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      Scaled Score:
      This score is indicated as a number between 200 and 280, and it represents how well your child did on that subject area of the test.
      The closer the score is to 280, the better your child did on the test.

      Grade 3 score reports do not include scaled scores. Instead, a child’s performance level is based on raw scores. A raw score is the number of points a student received on any given part of the test. These scores are not adjusted to allow comparisons among your child and the school, district, state, etc.

      Grades 4-8 and Grade 10 use scaled scores as seen above. These scaled scores are also known as standard scores. Standard scores are not raw scores. Theses scores are adjusted so that comparisons (between students, classes, schools, school districts, the state, etc.) can be made.
      Performance Levels:
      Performance Levels are determined based on the scaled scores. Each performance level has a corresponding scaled score range.

      Scaled Score range: 260-280

      Scaled Score range: 240-258

      Needs Improvement:
      Scaled Score range: 220-238

      Warning and Failing:
      Scaled Score range: 200-218

      “Proficient” range of 240-258.

      Passing the grade 10 MCAS exam is a graduation requirement in the state of Massachusetts. In order to earn a high school diploma, students must receive a score of at least 240 on the grade 10 mathematics and ELA exams and a score of at least 220 on one of the high school Science, Technology, and Engineering exams.

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