How to keep children minds engaged to stop “Summer Slide Learning Loss”?

beat summer learning loss

How to handle summer learning loss? Most students return to schools after summer with some significant learning loss known as the summer slide.

1. Keep the resources ready

For the summer, keep do not forget to keep the all necessary resources ready to start enjoying summer including the learning resources. Having it ready will keep the children in better mood to check it and work on it. So, have all the resources like summer bridge activity resources in home.

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2. Practice every day

Do not let miss practice during the summer. It is very important to keep them engaged and work every day. So, make sure kids spend some time to sharpen their skills this summer.

3. Make the learning fun!

Do not forget that this is summer. Let the kids play games and have some fun. Physical exercisers play an important role in concentration and memory of your kids.

4. Learn new things

Always let them learn something new every summer. This will help improve their skill sets and make them learn more, in general. So, do teach something new or let them learn new things.

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